We are Huuuge Games. We make games that are easy to play, great for small breaks, and are a lot of fun to bond over with new friends. In a big way, this is the core of mobile gaming. We keep looking for solutions which will make our games more and more social, because that is fundamentally why Huuuge Games exists: to enable billions of players play together.

Our flagship app Huuuge Casino offers the best social gaming experience where players are able to interact, engage, play and - most importantly - have fun with other players in real-time in an attractive free-to-play social environment. Our line of products includes also a series of slot games providing casino experience for players who prefer to play games offline. Huuuge offering includes a variety of in-house and external casual games within our innovative publishing platform which allows players from around the world to try out the latest work of the most talented young developers.

We publish on all major mobile gaming stores, including the iOS App Store, Android Google Play and Amazon App Store.

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Our team has been creating games for years.

The Huuuge Games brand exists since 2014, however company’s history is much longer and many of our team members have been working with each other for years now. This is all due to our CEO, Anton Gauffin, who came to Poland in 2005 in his search for programmers for his company - Gamelion. At first, the company only made games for larger publishers – including Sony and EA Games. In 2007 Anton sold his share and moved to Silicon Valley while the team kept working and creating games. In 2014, seven years after selling the company, Anton received the opportunity to spin Gamelion out into an independent company again, and he took it, entering the company into the most exciting chapter in its history.

Anton Gauffin
starts Gamelion
Gamelion sold
Anton Gauffin buys
Gamelion back
Global investors: Series A, B, C

The Huuuge era.


Huuuge Games has become the #1 fastest growing and most innovative developer in Social Gaming, and we’re attracting new gamers to the genre thanks to our deep focus on social mechanics. Currently, we employ over 450 people and we're constantly working hard to stay faithful to the brand’s promise of offering the highest quality social apps, expanding to casual gaming.

Our vision is simple - we want to change how gamers play mobile social games by offering superior real-time social experiences on a global scale. We make games that are easy to play, great for small breaks, and are a lot of fun to bond over with new friends. We’re not about inventing new complicated games with ten-minute tutorials and tough learning curves, but to put the fun one tap away and let our players get straight to winning together. This is the power of social gaming. In a way, we’ve been around for a long time. But the Huuuge story is just getting started.


Company culture.

Our 9 Core Principles have guided us from the outset of Huuuge’s existence. While they are the lifeblood of our product, the people behind the scenes are even more critical. Over the years our team has become truly diverse, uniting talents from over 20 countries in offices in Poland, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Ukraine, and Cyprus. This diversity is one of our biggest strengths — with different cultures come different approaches. These differences create a broader, global perspective that makes Huuuge stronger.

Company culture
We have nine rules to keep us strong

Always keep learning

Being Huuuge means that we always keep developing ourselves. Stay curious and hungry for learning new things and be prepared - our best days are still ahead of us.


Take initiative

We are fearless when it comes to failure, yet we never repeat our mistakes, as we share our learnings. Feel empowered to take initiative.


Get things done

To be leaders in what we do Team Huuuge moves fast. Stay focused, take action and keep delivering.


Play together as a team

Getting as far as we got would be impossible as individuals. Seek what is best for Team Huuuge rather than what’s best for yourself. Always be supportive.


Challenge yourself

Work at Huuuge is not about clocking insane hours; instead, develop personal capabilities by challenging yourself and strengthen Team Huuuge that way.


Promote honesty

Being candid and yourself is the true Huuuge Spirit. Face even the most difficult situations with bravery and honesty.


Show high energy & passion

Team Huuuge goes full throttle! We work with intensity and we enjoy doing it. That is why we hire people who are passionate about what they do.


Respect diversity

Thanks to the vast experiences and knowledge of our strong multicultural team we can develop rapidly. Value and respect diversity; the more colorful and diverse we are as a team, the better.


Have fun!

Huuuge is fun! Love what you do and enjoy your life - both at home and as part of Team Huuuge. Create the finest things and celebrate them with your family and friends.


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